Transformer coupled Class A Pre-amplifier

The Broadcast is a discrete Class-A germanium pre-amplifier based on the classic broadcast consoles of the 1960’s. In the low-gain setting, the Broadcast can cover everything from sparkling clean boost through to transparent overdrive, all with a healthy dose of volume available to push your amp.

The Broadcast features a specially selected Triad steel-core transformer and a NOS germanium transistor. Advancing the gain on the Broadcast starts to saturate the transformer and the pedal’s discrete circuitry, giving rise to a gentle and dynamic compression coupled with subtle thickening of the midrange. With the gain switch in the high setting and the trim control wound up, the Broadcast starts to deliver heavier distorted sounds with a warm and fuzzy edge to them. The Broadcast covers a wide range of driven and distorted tones whilst remaining dynamic, responding well to pick attack and the subtle nuances of every player.

The first 15 production units will feature a Mullard-made NOS black glass CV5712 (OC71) germanium transistor and the subsequent units will be fitted with a NOS Russian type.

  • Hand selected NOS germanium and silicon transistors
  • Specially chosen TRIAD Magnetics steel-core transformer
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Neutrik jack sockets
  • Heavy duty foot switch (wired for true bypass)


Low Cut - Diminishes the Low End response.

Gain - Mini Toggle switch selects Hi or Low Gain.

Gain Trim - Controls saturation of the transformer and related circuitry.

Level - Controls the overall volume of the pedal.


DC regulated power supply with a 2.1mm negative tip barrel plug which can run at 9-24v; the higher the voltage (up to 24v), the more headroom

Current Draw: 20mA (maximum)


105 x 120 x 60 mm

Full two year Warranty