Testimonials Page

Joel Hamilton
Producer and Engineer
Studio G - Brooklyn

"I have become a super fan of the Heptode phase. I have even been using it during mixing and tracking of the new Aaron Neville record and couple of other really cool records! It's simple, well made, sounds great and is killer! I have a couple of other phase options, including Mutron and other classics, but the Heptode fully gets used over all of them these days. Awesome box!"

Carl Verheyen
First Call Los Angeles Session Guitarist
Member of Supertramp

"The sound quality is so good that this (Virtuoso) could even be a studio device ... made by a French company called Heptode"

Sean Oakley
Producer & Engineer
Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, CA

"I enjoy using FX pedals on sends while working and the Virtuoso is a subtle yet very effective phaser. Effortless!"