"I first started using the Heptode Heavy Tone high gain preamp pedal in my home studio for a quick and easy distortion sound on some arranging demos I was doing for my new CD. But I got so attached to its direct sound with the cabinet simulator that I brought it into the big studio and used it with a few of my mic-ed amps. It's fast becoming one of my most useful pedals at home and in the studio".

"The sound quality (of the Virtuoso) is so good that this could even be a studio device, (it's) made by a French company called Heptode".

Carl Verheyen
Los Angeles first-call session guitarist
Member of Supertramp

"Touring with Lenny, I find a lot of situations where I have to recreate larger amp sounds from smaller rental back-line amplifiers. The Heptode Deep Crunch pedal has become an indispensable tool for this purpose. Using the cabinet simulator switch on the pedal I am able to recreate convincing Marshall Plexi tones out of Deluxe's or Twin's. In standard mode with the gain rolled back the pedal adds bottom definition when used as a front end for Marshall amplifiers, making the amp sound fuller without the loose bottom typical of older Marshall's. The Deep Crunch has definitely become one of my go to tone tools".

Alex Alvarez
Guitar Tech for Lenny Kravitz


Heptode Guitar Effects are now available in the USA!!

Hand-built just outside of Paris, France, Heptode guitar effects utilize a totally new, unique design to mimic the tone produced by the much revered Soldano™ SLO-100™ amplifier's two channels.

No corners have been cut to create the absolute finest pedals out there:
  • Top quality circuit using no-compromise surface mount technology
  • Tonestack similiar to the Soldano™/Marshall™ amplifier tonestack
  • Best quality two layer PCB (manufactured in Europe)
  • Highest quality input/output jacks (Lumberg brand)
  • Highest quality DC jacks (Schurter brand)
  • Top quality metal shaft/bushing, conductive plastic element pots
  • 3PDT footswitch for hardwire true bypass
  • Finest quality mini-toggle switch (Eledis brand)
  • Only the finest components (resistors, capacitors, IC's, transistors, etc) from renowned manufacturers like Kemet, Murata, Yageo, Nichicon, Cornell Dubilier, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments
  • Finest quality jumper wires (Molex brand) and irradiated PVC wire (AlphaWire brand)

Both the Deep Crunch and the Heavy Tone feature:
  • Well defined overdrive tones throughout the entire range of gain
  • Incredible Cabinet Simulation for input to a mixer, computer, etc.
  • Low noise
  • Three Band EQ

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Marshall™ is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification.

Soldano™ and SLO-100™ are registered trademarks of Soldano Custom Amplification.

Heptode nor European Musical Imports has any affiliation whatsoever with Marshall Amplification or Soldano Custom Amplification.